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Honouring National Indigenous Veterans’ Day

Kwe kwe, Ullukkut, Tansi, hello et bonjour!

On November 8th, we come together to mark National Indigenous Veterans’ Day, honouring the important contributions of Indigenous Veterans who have served in missions across Canada and around the world in times of war, conflict and peace.  While not often enough acknowledged, the military service of First Nations, Inuit and Métis in Canada has deep roots. It’s so important that we recognize, commemorate and remember their sacrifices.

Indigenous Peoples have fought beside our Allies in the First and Second World Wars. Today, they also serve in Canadian Armed Forces efforts around the world—from NATO duties in Europe, to serving with United Nations peace operations.  As we reflect, we remember those who lost their lives, and those whose lives were forever changed. We hold their loved ones, families and communities in our hearts.

As we continue to take steps on this shared journey of reconciliation, we remember all the Indigenous Peoples who have served and protected Canada—across generations.

Lest we forget!