Staff Directory



(student last name: A-La and Indigenous Students)
(student last name: Le-Z and International Students)
Ms. Lee Ms. de Oliveira Ms. Watson
Ms. P. Tonks School Admin Secretary – On Leave
Ms. L. Batista School Admin Secretary – Acting
Ms. G. Landingin Office Support Clerk (Student Records)
Ms. S. Santos School Accountant – Acting
Ms. B. Kong Student Database (Student e-Records)


Mr. S. Bermann (Students with last name A – Ho) Department Head
Mr. J. Berkbigler (Students with last name Hs – M and Indigenous Students)
Ms. Y. Hawkins (Students with last name N – Z)
Ms. L. Trasolini School Psychologist


Ms. A. Adam Band
Ms. Avelino Jazz Band
Ms. E. Batten Dance, Drama
Mr. J. Beauregard Tech Ed
Ms. J. Bikic Visual Arts, CLE
Ms. B. Burnaci Science
Ms. H. Cameron Math
Ms. L. Cao Math
Ms. M. Cawker Applied Skills, Design & Technology, Home Economics, PE
Mr. N. Chandi PE
Ms. Cheng English/ELL
Mr. M. Chomitz Math/Science
Mr. E. Daniel Social Studies website
Ms. I. De Angelis LSS Department, Connect, Student Council
Ms. K. Deacon Science – On Leave
Ms. K. Douglas PHE, Leadership
Mr. P. Dubé FRIMM Coordinator, Languages – French website
Ms. K. Fehr Art
Ms. R. Figursky Mathematics, Indigenous Support
Ms. M. Fong Math/Science
Ms. A. Gaughan English
Mr. G. Gatti French Immersion, French
Mr. B. Gibney Science
Ms. L. Gladu Hairdressing
Ms. C. Godin Languages, Department Head
Mr. T. Graham French Immersion (gr. 8 and 12)
Ms. C. Ha (on leave) Math
Ms. M. Haigh Teacher Librarian website
Ms. K. Hull PHE
Mr. A. Hunchak Social Studies
Mr. E. Joel Business Ed
Ms. S. Jung Home Economics
Mr. E. Ko Mathematics Department Head
Ms. L. Lam Math
Mr. I. Lamb English
Mr. Lapossie Mini School
Mr. J. Laroya FRIMM/Languages
Ms. M. Lawrence Art
Ms. V. Lo Career Life Education
Ms. D. Loukopoulos English
Mr. Mah Science
Mr. Manery English/Social Studies
Ms. Miljanovic French
Ms. C. McAllister VPA Department Head, English 8, 9, 10
Ms. A. McChesney English, Department Head
Mr. F. McLean LSS Department Head – Connect
Ms. B. Moore Mini School, Science, Math – On Leave website
Ms. A. Norris English, AP Coordinator,  Athletic Director
Dr. A. Ojelel Mathematics
Ms. R. Radmacher Home Economics
Ms. J. Rana Science
Mr. J. Robertshaw Mini School, English website
Mr. K. Rockwell Science,  Department Head
Ms. A. Savile Business Education
Ms. A. Sawatsky Social Studies, Department Head
Ms. D. Scigliano Career Programs
Ms. N. Stickley Science, Math
Mr. K. Suttor-Doerksen Pre-Employment, Psychology
Ms. Y. Tayob Languages
Mr. S. Teixeira Connect, CLE, English
Ms. S. Teng-Davis ADST, Yearbook, Visual Arts
Ms. S. Tham ELL/English
Ms. L. Tong Access
Mr. J. Turner English
Mr. M. Vance Applied Skills, Design & Technology
Ms S. Vdovina ELL
Ms S. Virk (on leave) Social Studies
Mr. A. Vlacil Mathematics, LSS – Connect
Ms.K. Vocadlo FRIMM/Languages
Ms.M Vulama PHE, Department Head
Mr. J. Zhuang Applied Skills, Design & Technology, Robotics


Mr. Wendel Williams School Safety Specialist
International Student Liaison Worker (T, Th, Fri pm)
Ms. R. Koujian Settlement Worker (Fridays)
Ms. A. Manetta Noon Hour Supervisor