Access & Pre-Employment

The Connect Program is the LSS program with the widest scope. All students are invited to drop in to the
Connect Room for support in any of their subjects. Connect is available before school, during lunch, and
during regular class time. We try to staff every period with a Humanities and a Sci-matics specialist.

The Achieve Program is an after-school program which assists students with homework
and assignments. It operates from 3:15 PM to 4:00PM in the Connect Room from
Monday to Thursday. Students are supported by a peer tutor or a teacher.
Students may get involved in the program in three ways:
· Students may choose to attend
· Parents may request that their child attend
· Teachers may assign a student to the Success Program if they think it would be beneficial

The aim of this program is to provide students with the broadest range of skills, experiences and knowledge to
become as “work-ready” as possible. After completing their grade 12 year, students receive a school-leaving certificate (Evergreen). The program curriculum encompasses:
• practical life skills (community safety, transit training, consumer skills, etc.)
• job skills (work habits, school jobs, career awareness, work experience, etc.)
• social skills (inclusion in elective classes, communication, emotional regulation, social skills training)
• academics (individualized Math and Language programs based on individual abilities and needs, with an emphasis on practical life applications)
Access provides support for exceptional learners. The program provides a wide
range of supports throughout a student’s high school years. Individualized
programs are designed in consultation with teachers, parents/guardians,
educational assistants and outside agencies. The program focusses on:
• independent living skills, including self-care & self-management skills
• behaviour management, social skills, and communication
• daily physical activity, , including PT and OT in consultation with the
Children’s Health Services Resource Team (CHSRT)
• functional literacy and numeracy skills
• inclusion in elective classes
After completing their grade 12 year, students receive a school-leaving certificate (Evergreen)