Career Education

Alpha’s Career Centre provides Work Experience opportunities for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students and links this experience to a chosen career. Students can choose this elective course which provides students with 4 course credits.

Work Experience 12

An elective course worth 4 credits, volunteer work only, and students must choose a focus area (found below), complete 90 Hours of work experience in grade 11 and 12 year split into two placements.

Focus Areas

Business and Applied Business
Fine Arts, Design and Media
Fitness and Recreation
Health and Human Services
Liberal Arts

Advantages of Work Experience Programs

Work experience provides students a chance to learn about specific jobs and their related career opportunities. Students become informed about specific choices.

Students make valuable career contacts that assist with planning his/her career or gaining insight entry into a chosen field of employment in the future. Work Experience supervisors provide an evaluation/reference that can be added to a students’ resume. There is also a possibility that the work experience site will offer a student future paid employment.

For a more information about Career Programs, ACE-IT and SSA programs, please visit our Burnaby District’s website.


Any students who have applied to or are interested in an Ace-It Program, please let Ms. Gillam know so your name can be forwarded to the organizer.

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