Advanced Placement (AP) Information

The AP Program gives students the opportunity to take college level courses while they are still in high school.

AP courses are challenging and demanding. However, the rewards are many: much smaller class size (compared to post-secondary), complimentary use of textbook(s) and advanced credit and/or placement at participating colleges and universities throughout the world are just some of the benefits.

In addition,

  • AP students outperform other university students
  • 80% of these students receive A’s or B’s at subsequent course work
  • Students who take an AP course and score higher than 1 on a scale of 1-5 perform better in university than students who do not take an AP course

*In order to obtain advanced placement and/or credit status at a participating college or university, a student will need to write the AP exam(s) of his/her choice. Also, students need to check with the post-secondary institution of their choice to see whether AP exams are accepted and what AP exam grade is needed to gain credit and/or advanced placement for a particular course. It is strongly recommended that students conduct this investigation before ordering AP exams.

Information about ordering AP exams will be available to all students in January. Please note that each exam costs approximately $145 and is payable to the school.  AP exams are written in May.

For more information on the AP program at Alpha, please click here for the Course Selection Presentation.


The following AP courses are offered at Alpha Secondary.  Please contact the following teachers if you have any questions regarding a specific course.

Course Teacher
AP Art (2D Design, 3D Design) Ms. M. Lawrence
AP Biology  Mr. J. Rana
AP Calculus AB Mr. E. Ko
AP Chemistry Mr. B. Gibney
AP English Literature Ms. A. McChesney
AP Environmental Sciences Mr. B. Gibney
AP French Language and Culture Ms. P. Dube
AP Human Geography TBA
AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Ms. A. Savile
AP Physics 1 Ms. B. Burnaci
AP Psychology Mr. K. Suttor-Doerksen
AP Statistics Mr. E. Ko

For a description of AP courses offered at Alpha, please click here.