School News

Alpha Honour Roll 2020-2021

As we have moved to a Quarter System for this school-year, we have updated our Honour Roll and Principal’s Honour Roll process. Students will achieve Honour Roll or Principal’s Honour Roll status based on their final marks for courses in Q1 and Q2. At the end of Q2, we will publish a list of students who have met the Honour Roll or Principal’s Honour Roll Criteria for the first 2 quarters (see below for criteria). Students may then sign up in the office for a printed certificate recognizing their achievement. We will do this again at the end of the school-year for Q3 and Q4.

Gold Cord
Gold Cords will be awarded to students at the School Leaving Ceremony (tbd for 2021) at the end of Grade 12. To receive a Gold Cord you must achieve honour roll standing for each term in Grade 10, 11, and, this year, for Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 in Grade 12.

To qualify for the Honour Roll, students must achieve a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above and have no mark below a “C”.

To qualify for the Principal’s Honour Roll, students must achieve a GPA of 4.0

To calculate your GPA, each letter grade is worth the following:

A = 4.0, B = 3.0, C+ = 2.5, C = 2.0, C- = 1.0, I or F = 0