School News

Congratulations Alpha Debate Team!!!

Alpha won “Top School” for debate at the Regional competition last weekend!

  • Top Novice Team (David Dorland and Elliot Schmechel)
  • Top Novice Speaker is David Dorland (G8)
  • Top Junior Team (Zayn Bhimani and Nica Fleming)
  • Top Senior Speaker is Catherine Wang (G12)


1st Team – David Dorland and Elliott Schmechel (Advancing to provincials)

3rd Team – Paria Khakban and Cameron Bertrand (Advancing to provincials)

5th Team – Ziya Merchant and Riana Bhimani

  • 1st Speaker – David Dorland
  • 3rd Speaker – Paria Khakban
  • 4th Speaker – Elliott Schmechel
  • 6th Speaker – Cameron Bertrand
  • 8th Speaker – Ziya Merchant
  • 10th Speaker – Riana Bhimani


1st Team – Zayn Bhimani and Nica Fleming (Advancing to provincials)

3rd Team – Lilah Williamson and Isaac Trenton (Advancing to provincials)

6th Team – Vijay Tupper and Cam McConnell (Advancing to provincials)

  • 3rd Speaker – Lilah Williamson
  • 4th Speaker – Zayn Bhimani
  • 5th Speaker – Isaac Trenton
  • 6th Speaker – Vijay Tupper


3rd Team – Catherine Wang and Maja Grandinetti (Advancing to provincials)

6th Team – Lachlan Holbrook and Adam Shivji

  • 1st Speaker – Catherine Wang

Congratulations, Debate Team! You make Alpha proud!