School News

Flextime – Thursday January 16th

There will be a trial of students being able to choose their Flextime locations this Thursday, January 9th, and the following Thursday January 16th.

Students must sign-up for a location, using the sign-up sheet on the doors of participating classrooms before Flextime on Thursday.  All students must sign-up as you must be supervised by a teacher.  You may sign up on any sheet, regardless of grade, or class (even a teacher you don’t have).  There are 30 spots available for each space (including the Learning Commons and Connect).  Once the spots are taken, students must find a different class/teacher for the period.  The cafeteria and other unsupervised areas are not acceptable.  Attendance will be taken, and is mandatory.

If students have any questions, please ask your period 3 teachers for more information.