School News


Below is the schedule for the upcoming Course Selection Presentations, which will start Feb 6th. Course selection presentations from grade 9-11 will be located in the library starting February 6th and the Grade 8 presentation will occur Feb 14th during Collab at 8:40am. Please remind and encourage all Grade 8s to attend collab.

We encourage students to see their counsellor for individual consultation if they have questions regarding the course selection process, needing guidance regarding selection of courses and any discussion about post- secondary, career plans and future goals.  Students will be selecting their courses online, the MyED portal will open up from Feb 6th to Feb 28th.

Counsellors will also be in the computer lab (Room 316) from Feb 19 to 22,  to help any students who need assistance to select their courses online or missed their course selection presentation.

​FEB 6, 7 , 8, 9 –        Senior Presentations  Grs 11s Periods 1 and Grade 10s period 2​
Feb 13, 14, 15 –        Junior Presentations​  Gr 9s  Period 1
Feb 14                       Gr 8s Collab
Feb 20​                       ELL ELL (computer lab)
Feb 21​ French Immersion
Feb 22​​ Mini School