A Candid Look at the Candidates

On April 27th, the MLA candidates for the Burnaby-North riding came to Alpha to discuss and debate their party’s political standpoints on many current issues such as education, health, jobs, health, and the housing market. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the candidates asking meaningful questions such as “How do you intend on making housing more affordable?” and “What improvements will you make on the education system?”

Special thanks to Richard T. Lee (Liberal), Janet Routledge (NDP), and Peter Hallschmid (Green) for taking time out of their busy schedules to come to Alpha to share some very valuable political insight and allowing Alpha students to witness firsthand the different party’s views and how politics works in the real world.

Parents: Voting day 2017 will be on Tuesday May 9th, and advanced voting is happening right now. Go out and vote to make your voice heard! More details at elections.bc.ca/

Students: Remember, Alpha’s Student Vote will be held on May 4th and 5th outside of school hours (8:05-8:35, 11:30-12:15, 3:00-3:30) in the cafeteria. Make sure to come vote and make your opinion count!

Your voice, your vote

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