Welcome back!

backttoschoolstudentsThe summer has been a busy one with seismic upgrades to our school.  Students will find the cafeteria space enlarged and improved with lots of natural light, new LED lighting, and four classrooms added.  As well the third floor home economic rooms have seen new cabinetry added and the hallways filled with new lockers.  We anticipate the removal of the old wing early this fall and the build of our new two storey addition beginning shortly thereafter.  Students will return to school Tuesday with an adjusted day schedule, and our regular school days beginning Wednesday.  On Tuesday grades 9-12 attend homeroom 10:00-10:30; homeroom lists are posted on the exterior doors.  All grade 8’s should be in the small gym at 10:30 to meet peer tutors and their homeroom teacher; grade 8 students will be dismissed at 12:00.