Alpha Student Receives Major Scholarships

Alex participating in the Rotary Club's Adventures in Forestry and Environmental Studies  in Prince George

Alex participating in the Rotary Club’s Adventures in Forestry and Environmental Studies in Prince George

Grade Twelve Alpha student Alexander Hook, has been recognized with several major scholarships that recognize his contributions both inside and outside of his school life.The Cmolik Foundation awards scholarships to deserving B.C. students that have demonstrated a good work ethic, tenacity and other commendable attributes in achieving their academic and social goals.

The Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship recognizes four student leaders in the province of British Columbia who are entering their first year of post secondary education, are in good academic standing and have made exceptional contributions in the following areas:
• School and community service, leadership
• Initiating community development
• Affecting positive change
• Mentoring others
• Personal development and growth
Congratulations Alexander! Your Alpha family is very proud of you and your accomplishments. You earned these amazing awards through your hard work, positive energy and commitment to your community. We wish you every success as you pursue your post-secondary goals.